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Pentagram of Blood

The Real Life Horror Story You Are Living Inside Of…

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Recent News Pentagram of Blood

The 7 Pentagrams of Blood

Nice Terrorism on Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

Baton Rouge Cop Killings on Pentagram of Blood

Dallas Police Sniper Killings hits Pentagram of Blood

Baghdad on Middle East Pentagram of Blood

Istanbul and Paris on Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

Orlando Gay Club Pentagram of Blood

For thousands of years humans have been attracted to a relatively few energy ley lines (Solstice Lines) and built their cities on them and fought their many wars on them and watched helplessly as historic earthquakes and hurricanes killed millions of humans on a few energy lines that form 7 PENTAGRAMS OF BLOOD around the world on a map.

Recently, attention to these 7 Pentagrams of Blood was made by author and master psychic Sollog and his writings predicted the huge spike in global terrorism that is now soaking the lines as humanity nears a major event that Sollog says will kill over 99.9% of humans after 2022 when a large asteroid strike occurs on earth.

The band Rex Luciferius has also been singing about these ley lines and how DEATH is striking over and over to form a sacrificial Pentagram of Blood. Their song Pentagram of Blood is gaining a large following around the world.

Can it be we are all living inside A Real Life Horror Story that involves all of humanity…

7 Pentagrams of Blood

USA Pentagram of Blood

Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

Middle East Pentagram of Blood

Download Pentagram of Blood (Book)
Download Pentagram of Blood (Song)



Download Pentagram of Blood (Book)
Download Pentagram of Blood (Song)

Mass Deaths Hit Pentagram of Blood

Oregon Campus ShootingsHurricane Patricia – Wichita

OSU Parade Massacre Sandy Hook Massacre Hurricane Sandy

For over 20 years every major mass loss of life event in the USA that has made headlines has occurred on five lines that form a satanic PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over the USA.

For over 20 years ONE MAN has been warning the world about the events that have been taking hundreds of thousands of lives on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD before they events occurred.

That man is Sollog and he put the details of these historic tragic events and locations of the lines that form the USA PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD into a US Court Case record almost 20 years ago.



You can’t name a major loss of life even in North America that occurred in the past 20 years that isn’t on the satanic PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over the USA.

It is PROOF that historic evil events are 100% manipulated.

It is PROOF a message is being given to mankind about the future.

It is PROOF that higher intelligence is in control of historic events on earth.

It is PROOF you are living inside a MATRIX…

Read the shocking BOOK Pentagram of Blood that will destroy the illusion you live inside of.

Watch the music video Pentagram of Blood and see how the future is in the music video…

Download Pentagram of Blood (Book)
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Proof Evil is Real

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