2 More School Shootings hit Pentagram of Blood

2 More School Shootings

hit Pentagram of Blood

Townville SC and Apline TX join list of USA School Shootings on Pentagram of Blood

247 News Article on Recent School Shootings and the Pentagram of Blood

For over 20 years US School Shootings have been hitting OVER AND OVER usually on THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

While the shootings in both Townville SC and Alpine TX are minor events as far as MASS DEATH School Shootings go, they none the less struck where SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius has been warning for over 20 years.

In total there have been 21 MASS DEATH SCHOOL SHOOTINGS (3+ Deaths) in 21 Years all connected to the SOLLOG PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

It is why the US Secret Service investigates all US School Shootings since in 1995 SOLLOG gave the locations of the future school shootings to the US Secret Service in a Federal Court Case when SOLLOG SUED THEM for harassing him over his prophecies that scored a major hit with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

This summer 10 Tragedies have struck the Pentagram of Blood and each event was specifically mentioned in the famous Pentagram of Blood music video by Rex Luciferius.

This map shows the famous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and the lines and circle that close it in which is a Black Magick ritual.

Pentagram of Blood School Shootings
Pentagram of Blood School Shootings


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