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7 PentagramsPentagram of BloodPentagram of Blood Blues

Rex Luciferius is the band that has made The Pentagram of Blood famous through their music about it.

The Music Videos of Rex Luciferius about The Pentagrams of Blood are considered Prophecy Music and the videos sing about various types of major loss of life events from natural disasters and plane crashes to mass shootings and terrorism.

These are the main songs about the Pentagrams of Blood

7 Pentagrams

Pentagram of Blood

Pentagram of Blood Blues

The music videos feature maps of The Pentagrams of Blood and since their release almost every major loss of life event around the world have struck one of the 7 Pentagrams of Blood featured in their music videos.

The lead singer of Rex Luciferius is Rex Luciferius and that is the artist name used by Sollog the Prophet that first started to write Prophecies about the Pentagrams of Blood.

Sollog initially wrote the famous Pentagram of Blood Prophecies years ago and then when he released the prophecies as music videos he used Rex Luciferius as the name of his band.

In the summer of 2016 the Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius had over 30 Million plays on SoundCloud and the band had three #1 Hits in 3 Genres of music on SoundCloud that summer.

In total Rex Luciferius put over 20 Songs in the Summer of 2016 into the top 10 charts of five genres of music on SoundCloud.