Wichita Mass Shootings on PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD

Wichita Mass Shootings


Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood

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February 25th 2016 another MASS SHOOTING Near WICHITA Kansas. This time Cedric Ford was the human that Greys manipulated to be a PAWN in the famous SOLLOG PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD GAME. Download Book – Pentagram Of Blood

Hello, is anybody out there. Over 20 Years ago SOLLOG appeared in US court and sued the US Government over nukes. He gave the court a map where all these events the past 20+ years have struck over and over to show GREYS CAN STRIKE AT WILL by manipulating little pea brains of humans.

The Greys want humans to GIVE UP ALL NUKES or these type of shootings will strike over and over as they have now for over 20 years and pretty much every one is on one of the SOLLOG PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD LINES. Download Book – Pentagram Of Blood

Wichita is one of the major cites on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD LINE that runs from the Pyramids near Mexico City through Waco, through Dallas (JFK Shooting) through Oklahoma City (the bombing).

Yet the media tells the sleeping sheeple it’s just another random act of violence.


The Gold Sphere on this map shows how Wichita is on the famous line that connects so many major blood baths.

Now go crawl in a hole and hide form this TRUTH.

Events are being manipulated to give you a WARNING.

GET RID OF NUKES or the asteroid will take out 99.9% of humanity shortly after 2022.

You’re a walking dead person and didn’t even know it…

Wichita Shootings Pentagram of Blood
Wichita Shootings Pentagram of Blood


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