Pentagram Of Blood

LONDON BRIDGE TERRORISM hits Europe’s Pentagram of Blood
Manchester Bombing Ariana Grande Concert hits Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

Syria Chemical Attack on Pentagram of Blood

Russian Train Terrorism on Pentagram of Blood

London Terrorism hits Europe Pentagram of Blood

Italy Quake hits Pentagram of Blood 100’s Dead

Nice Terrorism on Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

Istanbul and Paris Struck as Sollog Warned

Brussels Terrorism on Pentagram of Blood

Paris Terrorism as Sollog Warned

Europe Pentagram of Blood
Europe Pentagram of Blood

There is a Pentagram of Blood over Europe that is very ancient. The main ley line is connected to ancient monolithic sites such as Stonehenge and Pyramid complexes including Giza and Bosnia. It is also the main Winter Solstice line that Sollog has been writing about. See his site Solstice Lines Ancient Energy.

The phenomena of how the Sollog Terrorism Prophecies concerning the Pentagram of Blood in the USA and Europe’s Pentagram of Blood continues to hit.

Sollog defined the infamous Pentagram Of Blood almost 15 years ago in the United States where historic terrorism and mass death shootings strike over and over as Sollog warned.

Recent terrorism events in Europe and North Africa have also struck on the Europe Pentagram of Blood clearly defined by Sollog in his famous 2007 Prophecy titled:

13th Winter Solstice Prophecies (Time Stamped Usenet Post)

These are the five main Anchor locations of the European Pentagram of Blood identified by Sollog in his 2007 Prophecy linked to above.

Make a LINE OF BLOOD from ArhANGEL’sk (Sollog corrected to St. Petersburg for this map) to ancient TAR-AB-UL-US, (Modern Tripoli) in Libya.  That BLOOD LINE runs through Beograd (Belgrade) in Serbia and Monte negro.  Death Star, UL-US, is in the ancient name of TAR-AB-UL-US!

The European Pentagram of Blood is not as well shaped as a Pentagram (if you use Arhangel’sk instead of St. Petersburg) as the North American (USA) Pentagram of Blood, but the main ley line from Stonehenge that runs through the Bosnian Pyramid complex as well as the ancient Temple site of Gobekli Tepe recently discovered also runs through the Giza Pyramid Plateau and that line is part of the longer global Winter Solstice Line Sollog explained in his book Solstice Lines Ancient Energy.

In 2015 Sollog issued his famous TERRORISM PROPHECY and warned that the world was now heading to the new age of GLOBAL TERRORISM and many recent events struck exact cities NAMED BY SOLLOG.

Since Sollog released his 2007 Prophecy about the Pentagram of Blood or Star of Death over Europe, the exact locations he named has been having TERRORISM over and over and include Paris, Istanbul, Tripoli and Cairo which were all NAMED DIRECTLY by Sollog in his famous Prophecy. Recently Nice France and Brussels had major terrorism on the European Pentagram of Blood as well.

This is the Europe Pentagram of Blood if you use Arhangel’sk Russia instead of St. Petersburg. The mythology of Arhangel’sk is that the Arch Angel Michael slayed Satan where the city was founded. This map shows the European Pentagram if you use Arhangel’sk instead of St. Petersburg.

Sollog says to use St. Petersburg instead of Arhangel’sk since St. Petersburg is a major city in Russia and has seen much bloodshed and revolution there over the centuries, it is a major anchor in the European Pentagram of Blood says Sollog.


Europe's Pentagram of Blood
Europe’s Pentagram of Blood

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