Middle East Pentagram of Blood
Middle East Pentagram of Blood

Middle East

Pentagram of Blood

Over 100 Dead in Kabul Embassy Bombing

The Death Star or Pentagram of Blood over the Middle East connects many historic cities where humans have been killing each other for thousands of years.

The Pentagram includes Cairo and Jerusalem as well as Damascus (connect the anchors with lines that enclose the Pentagram) and Baghdad and other ancient cities including Riyadh and Sanaa. Istanbul or Ankara the Capital of Turkey can be used to anchor one of the points.

Over and over these cities have seen many acts of terrorism in recent years. Many of the largest death tolls in history from terrorism have struck the main cities of this Pentagram of Blood.

Multiple events with hundreds killed have struck in both Mumbai and Bagdad.

Over 500 were killed in Mecca at the Grand Mosque in 1979.

In the past couple of years there have been multiple major bombings in Kabul and Baghdad as well as many terrorism events in Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus and Istanbul.

These cities have been soaked in blood for thousands of years.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all risen from these ancient energy vortexes where many millions of humans have been slaughtered over millennia.

Read the Book PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD to learn how these ancient ley lines are tied to Solstice Lines Energy.


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