Baghdad Terrorism Major HIT for Sollog Terrorism Prophecy


Baghdad Terrorism Over 125 DEAD

Major HIT for Sollog Terrorism Prophecy

Baghdad is on Sollog’s Middle East

Pentagram of Blood

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The Sollog Prophecies stated TERRORISM would happen in Paris, Istanbul and Baghdad as well as the Los Angeles Area where the San Bernardino Terrorism sturck. HE NAMED EACH CITY and they have all been struck with MAJOR TERRORISM by ISIS.

Sollog was a major story around the world after 911 struck since he put exact details of the event in his famous 911 Prophecy. There’s even a MOVIE about The Sollog 911 Warning.

Major media outside of the USA covered the Sollog 911 Prophecy and the US Media was ordered by the US Government to not report on Sollog. Outside the USA Sollog has ROCK STAR Level Fame for his prophecies especially in areas where major quakes have struck over and over where his prophecies have warned. Yet he lives inside the USA a virtual unknown due to the US Government forbidding the US Media from even mentioning his name.

Sollog has put all his Prophecies into USENET since 1996 so they could be archived WITH TIME STAMPS to prove they were written before the future happened PROVING he is the GREATEST PROPHET IN HUMAN HISTORY.

The famous Sollog Terrorism Prophecy and his  7 Pentagrams of Blood are like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going having HIT AFTER HIT. With thousands of cities in the world the few specifically named by Sollog in his world famous prophecies are the cities being struck over and over with brutal terrorism.

This is Sollog in a new video explaining all the major hits his famous Prophecies have had recently, he named EVERY CITY that has been struck recently in TERRORISM PROPHECIES.

Sollog’s Prophecies will soon be considered by most of the world as the GREATEST ACT OF PROPHECY in human history. The reason is Sollog is now dominating Social Media like no other psychic and no one can deny Sollog named every major area being struck today with the new spate of Terrorism unleashed by ISIS since the Paris Attacks last fall. The Sollog Prophecies are fast becoming a huge thing in all Social Media from Facebook to Twitter just search those sites and see all the Sollog Prophecies posts and tweets.

Sollog has been writing Prophecies about most of humanity dying since he appeared January 1st 1995 when his Prophecies first came forth in the Philadelphia area of America.

We have a whole section on this site dedicated to dozens of Articles on the Sollog Prophecies and their historic hits.

247 News Sollog Archive

In the later 1990’s Sollog was literally one of the biggest things on the Net with his name dwarfing the names of who people were talking about in Usenet. Then the US Government hit Sollog in the basement of a US Jail and tortured him trying to kill him for five years of his life.

The US Courts are filled with the Sollog lawsuits about his TORTURE inside US Prisons under the Bush Regime.

Now Sollog is out of Jail and his Terrorism Prophecies that NAMED exact locations of where all the new terrorism has been striking are having HIT AFTER HIT.

The fact is Sollog drew 7 Pentagrams of Blood on a world map in his Prophecy and now ISIS has been hitting city after city as if they are following the Sollog Prophecies to the letter. To learn more about the famous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD see that site. This is the famous map of the 7 Pentagrams of Blood from the infamous Sollog Terrorism Prophecy released in November of 2015 on Youtube. This link shows the map below was on Youtube since November 2015 and pretty much every act of TERRORISM around the world since then has struck these PENTAGRAMS.

7 Pentagram's Of Blood
7 Pentagram’s Of Blood

The famous Sollog Terrorism Prophecy was penned on 11/13/2015 but his PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD prophecies go way back when he first started writing about mass death events, hurricanes, earthquakes and plane crashes as well as TERRORISM hitting the USA in 1995 on what became known as THE LINES OF SOLLOG.

Later Sollog revealed the LINES OF SOLLOG actually formed a PENTAGRAM over the United States and since 1995 there have been many dozens of mass death events in the USA and pretty much all of them have only occurred on one of five lines that form the most famous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over North America.

Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood

In 2007 on the Winter Solstice Sollog named Paris and Istanbul on his DEATH STAR OF EUROPE Prophecy and today the DEATH STARS of Sollog are more commonly called PENTAGRAMS OF DEATH. The 2007 Sollog Prophecy is titled:

13th Winter Solstice Prophecies (Time Stamped Usenet Post)

Europe Pentagram of Blood
Europe Pentagram of Blood

The Heavy Metal Band Rex Luciferius has even paid tribute to the Sollog Pentagrams of Blood by doing a new song titled PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

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Pentagram of Blood

The Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

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