Cleveland Facebook Murder on Pentagram of Blood

Cleveland Facebook Murder
Cleveland Facebook Murder

Cleveland Facebook Murder on Pentagram of Blood

The brutal murder of an elderly man by Steven Stephens in Cleveland was another headline major murder story ON THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over North America that has been the same lines where so many mass death events have struck the past couple of decades.

While not as many died in all the other events, it was a major headline murder story that the media used to create fear in the public as other brutal social media murders have been occurring over and over.

The USA is a sick society and all the brutal mass death events and headlines murder occurring over and over on only five lines that form the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD will wake up some while the masses of sheep that are the American public remain in their blissful ignorance praying to fairy tales such as Jesus and whoever to protect them.


The PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD is very real and it proves humans are nothing but PAWNS being moved around a board by higher intelligence.

No human can control so many mass death events as have occurred on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

The map above shows 13 Major DEATH EVENTS that struck the Pentagram of Blood within 113 days after Rex Luciferius released his infamous song PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.



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