Cross Roads by Rex Luciferius creates a LEGEND in Blues

Cross Roads
Cross Roads

Cross Roads By Rex Luciferius

Creates a LEGEND in Blues

Most Important Album in Music History

Cross RoadsProphecy Music by the Prophet of Rock & Blues


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Rex Luciferius the lead singer of Rex Luciferius is already considered a living legend by many of his fans all over the world due to how his verses warn of future events before they occur. He is known now as THE PROPHET OF ROCK.

With the release of Cross Roads Rex Luciferius shows he is one hell of a musician and singer. His haunting lyrics about the 27 Club explained in this new song about the Devil’s Cross Roads will make many BELIEVE that Rock Stars have been making DEALS FOR THEIR SOULS.

In LEGEND released a few years ago by Rex Luciferius he uses the same theme in a super heavy metal piece that musicians marvel at due to the 200 BPM riffs that are played forward and backwards flawlessly.

Who is Rex Luciferius?

Go on down to the Cross Roads he hangs out there making deals..

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Pentagram of Blood

The Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

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