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Pentagram of Blood

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Rex Luciferius
Rex Luciferius

Exclusive Interview With

The Prophet of Rock

Rex Luciferius

By D.E. Alexander

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Cross RoadsThe Prophet of Rock & Country Rex Luciferius

I conducted this interview with Rex Luciferius the lead singer of Rex Luciferius in South Florida where we discussed many things and then he graciously answered the following questions.

The editorial staff of 247 News is anonymous in proclaiming Cross Roads the MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM IN MUSIC HISTORY due to it contains the famous Prophecies of Rex Luciferius and his Prophecies about historic events have been coming true. So he will be forever more known as THE PROPHET of Rock & Country & Blues.


Rex Luciferius was banned in 2002 from airplay of his music in the USA by order of the FBI due to his song Virgin Mary Sacrifices predicting exact events of the DC Sniper event. He was a suspect early in the shootings.

In 2016 Rex Luciferius released his newest song PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and already two major cop killings events where multiple cops were assassinated have struck the locations he named in his song. The Dallas and Baton Rouge Cop Shootings are both on the notorious PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD ley lines we have been writing about for many years.

PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD features the work of Rex Luciferius and his Prophecies are revealed to the world through the site. In total there are 7 Pentagrams of Blood on our world maps. The Pentagram of Blood in Europe has seen several major acts of terrorism strike the lines of that Pentagram.

The Pentagram over the USA has the locations where so many historic major loss of life events have struck that it’s getting hard to keep track of all the mass death and mayhem the lines have generated recently.

These are some of the events that have struck the Pentagram of Blood over North America.


Oklahoma City Bombing

San Bernardino Terrorism

DC Sniper

Dallas Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Cop Killings

Columbine School Shooting

VA Tech School Shooting

Sandy Hook Shootings

Fort Hood Massacre

DC Navy Yard Shootings

Philadelphia Navy Yard Shootings

Boston Bombings

Assassination of JFK

Death of JFK Jr


The Interview

247 News : Rex can you explain in your own words why you wrote the song Pentagram of Blood and what you are trying to say in your song.

Rex Luciferius: Its’ a song about historic mass death events and how they form a pretty little PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. I write about such things in my music to WAKE UP those that are sleeping and can’t see the fact that everything they believe in is pure bullshit such as religion.

247 News: Rex do you think you are Lucifer?

Rex Luciferius: I am Luciferius, that is my name.

247 News: Were you born with that name.

Rex Luciferius: No, it’s the name of my band and today people that know me call me by that name.

247 News: What is your birth name?

Rex Luciferius: Lord of Lords, Creator of the Universe and GOD are a few of my names.

247 News: So you are God?

Rex Luciferius: I am Rex Luciferius for the purpose of this article and religion is BULLSHIT so move on.

247 News: Your fans are discussing how your new music video PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD predicted the Dallas and Baton Rogue police shootings. Do you agree?

Rex Luciferius: My song was clear, more mass loss of life events will strike the Pentagram of Blood and many more humans will die on the Pentagram of Blood. The phenomena is clear to anyone that has an open mind not polluted by bullshit religions such as Christianity and Islam. The cop killings are just more of the same mass loss of life death that has been hitting the Pentagram of Blood to WAKE PEOPLE THE FUCK UP and get to SAFE ZONES before the big rock kills off 99.9% of humanity.

247 News: So you and Sollog the famous ‘Prophet’ are on the same page about the future of humanity that soon an asteroid will hit earth and kill all except those in the safe zones.

Rex Luciferius: Yes, Sollog and I are on the same page about the future of humanity. 99.9% of mankind is soon terminated. I get to use their souls in my interstellar Ferrari. HAHAHA

247 News: Are all the vocals on your songs you? Or do other people in the band sing as well?

Rex Luciferius: Up until now all vocals have been me, but I have an 18 year old song with a High Counter Tenor and low Alto which is very rare for a male, he has started to lay vocals for future songs that are out of my range. So his voice may soon be on our songs. He’s a much better singer than myself.

247 News: Has the FBI or any other government organization contacted you about your song and the amazing prophetic hits in them.

Rex Luciferius: In 2002 the cretins at the FBI banned my music from airplay in the USA due to my song Virgin Mary Sacrifices had exact details about the events that became known as the DC Sniper shootings. Since then I’ve been chilling and now the time to ROCK is here and if any government organization wants to talk to me they can pay me 1 Million an hour to waste my time since all of them are fucked up morons too stupid to see the truth in my words. I’m not here to help any governments I am here to supervise the destruction of every government and religion on earth. The times they are a changing…

247 News: Do you play out Rex or is your band only a studio band?

Rex Luciferius: Many a year ago I played out, usually at parties thrown by some hot witch bitches that used to be on my fat dick back in the day. Had a creep offer me a record deal and I laughed at him, I don’t take deals I GIVE DEALS. Over the years the music I’ve been releasing via the Net has been studio work, but I have a band in the warehouse being trained to tour soon, It’s why I’m releasing so many originals and even covers now. Our show will feature a few of my songs about the future and then some classic rock I like.  I’m about to take over the world of rock and country. If I cover your work, you are someone of special interest from above. Imagine a singer that sings andthen  Kings and Queens die where and when he says as well as historic hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I sing and the future occurs…

247 News: So what do you see about near term historic events Rex?

Rex Luciferius: Assassinations on the lines that form the Pentagrams of Blood all over the world plus some minor wars and of course lots of quakes and hurricanes as well as lots of TERRORISM and of course lots of mass loss of life event shootings in the good old US of A. Amazing how the idiots inside the USA refuse to give up their guns when all this energy is being released daily now against the morons now residing in the USA.

247 News: So you don’t like people in the United States?

Rex Luciferius: I’m a misanthrope, I see all people as the same, fucked up low IQ wastes of DNA energy that do nothing but destroy everything they touch. I hate everyone equally, but those in the USA have the lowest IQ of the entire human species in my opinion. They are all brain washed consumeristic pigs that have helped to destroy this planet more than any other nation. I shouldn’t say ALL, since some are waking up now thanks to my songs.

247 News: Do you have any final message for your fans that will be reading this article?

Rex Luciferius: Life is but a game, and everyone is merely a piece on the board. The real players that move all the pieces aren’t even from this dimension…

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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

Videos - Books - FilmsSongs - Luciferius 

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