Japan Knife Attack 7th Major Mass Killing connected to 7 Pentagrams Music Video


Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

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Japan Knife Attack

9th Major Mass Killing

Connected to 7 Pentagrams Music Video


Over the years two figures have been writing about PENTAGRAMS OF BLOOD and a map of our world. Last November a new ‘Prophecy’ was released that gave exact details of the lines now famous that are connected to a series of Pentagrams on a map where lots of humans have been dying exactly as the Prophecy warned.

7 Pentagram's Of Blood
7 Pentagram’s Of Blood

The second figure connected to this story goes by the name Rex Luciferius and he has released a haunting song about the 7 Pentagrams of Blood that many people absolutely love due to the booming deep bass voice of the singer who is quickly becoming known as THE PROPHET OF ROCK & BLUES.

Both figures are connected to a website that has articles and prophecies about the 7 PENTAGRAMS OF BLOOD and the song of Rex Luciferius is featured on the site.

The Prophecies of Sollog are also featured prominently and Sollog has had many famous hits over the years for historic mass loss of life events his chilling prophecies have foretold.

Both men are saying the same thing, THE END IS NIGH so get ready to DIE.

It seems 7 Billion humans are about to be reduced to a more manageable 6 Million or so and Sollog and Rex Luciferius are THE 2 PROPHETS of Judgment Day to many believers.

The San Bernardino Terrorism event struck 9 Days after Sollog released his TERRORISM PROPHECY and then the Dallas Cop Killings struck on the Pentagram of Blood 9 Days after Rex Luciferius released his music video about the Pentagram of Blood.

The Sollog Terrorism Prophecy named Tokyo as a key city to be struck by mass death and sure enough just west of Tokyo 19 were killed in the most recent knife attack in Japan. Is it coincidence it happened where Sollog warned? Well over and over cities Sollog and Rex Luciferius have been pointing to in Prophecies and Songs are being struck over and over.

It seems we have seen at least 9 major loss of life events in the past 9 months since Sollog released his Terrorism Prophecy and all were on the lines he named.

Events we have connected recently to Sollog and Rex Luciferius are:

San Bernardino Terrorism

Dallas Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Cop Killings

Orlando Night Club Massacre

Paris Terrorism

Nice Terrorism

Istanbul Terrorism

Baghdad Terrorism

Japan Knife Killings

The phenomena of how the Sollog Terrorism Prophecies concerning the Pentagram of Blood in the USA and Europe’s Pentagram of Blood continues to hit.

Sollog defined the infamous Pentagram Of Blood almost 15 years ago in the United States where historic terrorism and mass death shootings strike over and over as Sollog warned.

Recent terrorism events in Europe and North Africa have also struck on the Europe Pentagram of Blood clearly defined by Sollog in his famous 2007 Prophecy titled:

13th Winter Solstice Prophecies (Time Stamped Usenet Post)

In 2015 Sollog issued his famous TERRORISM PROPHECY and warned that the world was now heading to the new age of GLOBAL TERRORISM and many recent events struck exact cities NAMED BY SOLLOG.

Since Sollog released his 2007 Prophecy about the Pentagram of Blood or Star of Death over Europe, the exact locations he named has been having TERRORISM over and over and include Paris, Istanbul, Tripoli and Cairo which were all NAMED DIRECTLY by Sollog in his famous Prophecy.

Watch the music videos of Rex Luciferius and you be the judge have we entered a NEW AGE of PROPHECY MUSIC…

Wichita Shootings Pentagram of Blood
Wichita Shootings Pentagram of Blood

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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

Videos - Books - FilmsSongs - Luciferius 

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