Large Quake kills hundreds in Italy on Pentagram of Blood

Large Quake kills hundreds in Italy on Pentagram of Blood

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There’s a reason over 20 Million Songs have been played the past month on SoundCloud from THE PROPHET of Rock & Country aka Rex Luciferius.

That reason is his PROPHECY SONGS are predicting the future.

Hundreds are now dead in a historic quake in Italy north of Rome in Amatrice and the area is on THE EUROPE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and that Pentagram of Blood is featured in the Prophecy Song of THE PROPHET titled 7 Pentagrams.

The video of the song was put on Youtube in late July 2016 where it has had minimal plays, but the Song 7 Pentagrams has exploded on SoundCloud with over 1 Million Plays by the FANS OF THE PROPHET who have embedded it on lots of social media pages and web sites so it has become a major song on SoundCloud that has been in and out of the Top 10 and Top 25 Charts on the site the past month or so.

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