Largest Quake in OK History hits days after THE PROPHET WARNED


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Largest Quake in OK History hits


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A few days ago we wrote these words in an article about an earthquake warning issued by THE PROPHET of Rock & Country.

Now the largest quake in the history of Oklahoma just hit (Oklahoman Article).

These are the words we wrote a few days before the historic quake hit about the EARTHQUAKE WARNING of THE PROPHET for the USA.


August 30th 2016 Articles on 247 News

He speaks and the Ground Shakes. He is Rex Luciferius aka THE PROPHET of Rock & Country Blues.

For over 20 years Rex Luciferius has amazed his fans around the world with his Prophecies issued as the famous quake predictor SOLLOG.

Today Rex Luciferius released his new song CALIFORNIA explaining how THE BIG ONE is about to hit and it’s GOODBYE CALIFORNIA.




On August 30th 2016 we covered the released of THE PROPHETS newest song CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE in which THE PROPHET issued a warning to the USA that the age of the GREAT QUAKES is nigh.

Days later the USA was hit by the largest quake in OK history near Oklahoma City one of the cities featured in THE PROPHETS music video and song known as PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD BLUES.

This is the main site that explains the phenomena of the 5 LINES of the Pentagram of Blood. Below are maps showing the lines in the USA where over and over mass loss of life events are happening.

Pentagram of Blood Map
Pentagram of Blood Map

This map is the enclosed Pentagram of Blood and one of the enclosure lines forms the San Andreas fault! Los Angeles lines on the enclosure circle that encloses the Pentagram of Blood in a circle. In Black Magick rituals you can enclose a Pentagram of Blood with either a circle or lines and depending on how you do it with the USA Pentagram of Blood, you either put the San Andreas fault into the equation or major cities such as Los Angeles.

Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood

The lines of the Pentagram of Blood are connected to FUTURE QUAKES such as the historic quake that just hit Oklahoma by THE PROPHET in his song PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD BLUES and sure enough a historic quake just hit the line of the Pentagram of Blood near Oklahoma City a location FEATURED in the map used by THE PROPHET in his video.

The historic quake struck a few days after THE PROPHET released his earthquake song warning the USA to get ready to ROCK AND ROLL with historic quakes.

Those familiar with the Prophecies of THE PROPHET see the OBVIOUS HITS and the veiled sheep will ignore the obvious hits. Some of THE PROPHETS words are literal prophecies and those that are not literal are amazing allegorical hits that defy the laws of probability that the words of THE PROPHET would have so many literal and allegorical hits.

The past month THE PROPHET aka Rex Luciferius has been one of the most listened to bands in the world on SoundCloud with over 20 Million plays of their songs in their two SoundCloud accounts due to the release of their new album Cross Roads for FREE on SoundCloud and the album is already being hailed as one of the most if not the most important albums in music history due to it has the famous Prophecy Songs of Luciferius that his fans consider to be really predicting our future.

Like we wrote a few days ago, HE SPEAKS AND THE GROUND SHAKES and that is why his fans call him THE PROPHET OF ROCK & COUNTRY.

The Dallas Cop killings hit the Pentagram of Blood days after THE PROPHET released his Youtube video for the song and not long after that the Baton Rouge Cop Killings hit the Pentagram of Blood as well.

Pretty much every major loss of life event inside the USA and North America has hit THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD since the death of JFK.

Events include:


Oklahoma City Bombing

Columbine School Shooting

VA Tech Massacre

Sandy Hook Massacre

Boston Bombings

Ft Hood Massacre


Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew and Sandy

The historic quake of Haiti

The historic quake of Mexico City

Lots of Plane Crashes

Most school shootings

Dallas Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Cop Killings



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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

Videos - Books - FilmsSongs - Luciferius 

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