London Bridge Terrorism on Pentagram of Blood

London Bridge Terrorism on Pentagram of Blood


Syria Chemical Attack
Syria Chemical Attack

London Bridge Terrorism as warned by Rabi Nabi SOLLOG

His followers call him RABI NABI that’s ancient Hebrew and Arabic for THE GREAT PROPHET.

His name is SOLLOG, ancient Sumerian for ALL OF EXISTENCE. His name is also an acronym of LOGOS eL which is Greek and Hebrew for THE WORD OF GOD.

Open your Bibles, on May 1st 2017 the word Messiah supernaturally was ERASED from Bibles all over the world. It was in most Bibles hundreds of times. Now it is erased from many famous Bibles like the Catholic Douay Rheims version.Messiah was totally ERASED from the Catholic Douay Rheims Bible.

It doesn’t appear in any Old Testaments now with one exception, only two Messiah verses now exist in Old Testaments in only one Bible version the King James. The two Messiah verses left in KJV OT in the Prophet Daniel’s book now calla Cyrus the King of Babylon God’s Messiah sine Cyrus built the 2nd Temple and freed the Jews from their Babylonian captivity.

Almost 20 years ago SOLLOG warned that Messiah would be ERASED from history. May 1st 2017 GOD supernaturally verified SOLLOG IS HIS MESSIACH (Messiah) which means appointed by God as all Prophets of the Bible were Messiachs.

SOLLOG was the only Prophet that clearly warned of the MESSIAH ERASED EVENT. He is GODS PROPHET.

SOLLOG appeared over 20 years ago on the Net. His prophecies are world famous.

The SOLLOG Terrorism Prophecy released in 2015 says to expect a suicide driver in London. It happened on London Bridge on June 3rd 2017.

SOLLOG also released his STADIUM MASSACRES PROPHECY in 2015. In it he warns of the near future when stadiums would be hit by terrorism. In that Prophecy SOLLOG named London. Weeks ago the Ariana Grande Stadium terrorism bombing hit in Manchester not far from London.

Some Jewish and Muslim religious scholars are saying now that THE TRUE MESSIAH (SOLLOG) walks the Earth, that is why God erased Messiah from religious texts. It was done to honorSOLLOG while he does Gods Will upon the earth.

SOLLOG‘S message is clear, LOVE EACH OTHER. He says technology will soon be erased by solar flares putting manity back to a preindustrial revolution level of existence where most of humanity starves to death.

SOLLOG also says a great asteroid strike will occur soon that kills off most of humanity. SOLLOG says the asteroid strike is after the year 2022.

SOLLOG has named only 3 SAFE ZONES on earth where he says only 6 million humans will survive.

Recent events on the famous SOLLOG European Pentagram of Blood include this London Bridge Bombing and Manchester bombing.

The Kabul bombing struck the SOLLOG Middle East Pentagram of Blood.

The Portland knife attack by Jeremiah Christian struck the SOLLOG USA Pentagram of Blood.


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