Louisiana Flooding another Major Hit for Pentagram of Blood Music Video

Louisiana Flooding another Major Hit

For Pentagram of Blood Music Video

Rex Luciferius Pentagram of Blood Comes True

Strike up another major LOSS OF LIFE EVENT for the music video that keeps on killing and killing.

Pentagram of Blood Blues by Rex Luciferius is a music video that connects headline events that take lots of lives to a map of the USA with a Pentagram and well it seems every major event where lots of people die in the USA are on the Five Magical Lines of the Pentagram of Blood exactly as the LEGEND and Prophet of Rock and Country sang in his song. The Louisiana flooding is on a major area of the Pentagram the song is about since two major lines of the Pentagram intersect in Louisiana near New Orleans and Baton Rouge. (See map below)

Recently we reported how a new music video by the Prophet of Rock and Country Rex Luciferius had major hits with the Baton Rouge Cop killings and the Dallas Cop killings striking where and when their music video warned. Read that article and we explain the phenomena and how mass death events are striking over and over on 5 ENERGY LINES the band sings about that forms a Satanic Pentagram over North America.

Lots of Cops are now dead in cities they pointed to in their hypnotic Music Video about how so much recent violence in the United States has struck on only 5 lines that make up the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD the title of their song.

Can it be there is a REAL PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and humans are now striking on it over and over with major loss of life events to bring attention to this phenomena?

Sollog is the famous PROPHET that warned of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD was to form over 20 years in a famous US court case. Sollog recently revealed HE IS SINGING as Rex Luciferius and the songs are all based on his world famous Prophecies.

We have the largest archive of Sollog News articles in the world on our site.

This is a map that was featured in the Music Video that has 13 circles where blood sacrifices have struck over and over. The 3D circles are Dallas and Baton Rouge which were on the map.

The area struck by the worst natural disaster in the USA since Hurricane Sandy is where two of the lines of the Pentagram intersect in Louisiana near New Orleans.

Pentagram of Blood Map
Pentagram of Blood Map

Looks like a new archive must be started for Rex Luciferius since he will soon be a LEGEND and that is the name of one of their recent albums after all LEGEND.

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Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood






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