Manchester Bombing Ariana Grande Concert on Pentagram of Blood

Manchester Bombing Ariana Grande Concert on Pentagram of Blood


Syria Chemical Attack
Syria Chemical Attack

Terrorists Bomb Ariana Grande Concert as Prophet SOLLOG WARNED

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His name is Rabi Nabi SOLLOG which means THE GREAT PROPHET SOLLOG.

He’s world famous for his prophecies that control TIME.

Recently on May 1st 2017 the world saw the word MESSIAH ERASED from ancient religious texts as he warned. Just open your Bible the word Messiah no longer exists in any Old Testament. Even if it’s hundreds of years old it disappeared May 1st.

The only exception is 2 verses in only the King James version in Daniel calling the King of Babylon the Messiah.

No other Old Testament has the word Messiah in it.

Most famous New Testaments no longer have Messiah now in their New Testaments.

Catholic Douay Rheims bible no messiah.

Jehovah Witness New World Translation no messiah.

King James New Testament no Messiah in New Testament.


Bibles used to have hundreds of Messiah verses, only a few minor versions now have a few Messiahs in their New Testaments.

Sollog’s TRUMP ET BLOWS PROPHECY written in the summer of 2015 predicted Trumps win and mentioned Ariana Grande in what the prophecy said was a riddle about the 8th month. It is now Shaban in the Islamic calendar the 8th month.

Read the famous Prophecy its been on Youtube for almost 2 years.



Sollog stopped his Prophecies in 2015.

One of his last prophecies was the Terrorism Prophecy and it described stadium terrorism which this event was. The first city named London which is near where this event hit. Here it is it’s from 2015.

Terrorism Prophecy


More info on SOLLOG is at

More info on MESSIAH ERASED at

Ariana you need to contact SOLLOG.

The link to his agent is on his site.

New SOLLOG Video with his Ariana Grande Prophecy in it


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