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New York City Bombing Hits


902 Prophecy of Sollog has EXACT DAY HIT 19 Years Later

The 902 Prophecy Video Explained by Sollog

When you search for SOLLOG and the 902 Prophecy you see almost 1000 web sites about SOLLOG and his famous 902 Prophecy that since it was written has been connected to many events where lots of people died on days the Prophecy gave. It has been connected to events such as 911 since four years after it was written the 911 event in NYC struck and the 902 Prophecy described it with great detail.

Major Terrorism in NYC in September connected to the FULL MOON (Islam).

The 902 Prophecy clearly and literally says TERRORISM on 9/16 and names New York City and a FULL MOON. In 1997 there was a FULL MOON on 9/16 as there was a FULL MOON on 9/16 again in 2016. And now the Prophecy has a LITERAL HIT since TERRORISM HIT IN NYC ON 9/16 nineteen years after the 902 Prophecy was first written.

The fact is Saturday 9/16/2016 was a FULL MOON and in New York City a Terrorism Bombing struck.

EXACT DATE, LOCATION AND EVENT with a astrological pointer the FULL MOON and they all collided on September 16th 2016 in NYC.

Verbatim lines from the 902 Prophecy written in exact order below:

16th day of the 9th month will be another day for TERRORISM!

The Moon is full

from the New York City

For almost 500 years fans of Nostradamus have read his ‘Prophecies’ in vain looking for such an EXACT HIT and they never find such an EXACT HIT.

Yet a REAL PROPHET has written Prophecies the past 20 years that have had hit after hit and his fans call him THE PROPHET and he walks the earth and his famous 902 Prophecy written on 9/02/1997 just had another MAJOR HIT.

Here is the oldest copy from Usenet of the 902 Prophecy from September 1997 that is time-stamped by Google.!original/alt.prophecies.nostradamus/yDeihXtxLTk/AjfdX2ap6EIJ

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Now for those that never heard of SOLLOG who have been sleeping under a rock for over 20 years and don’t realize there are thousands of web pages about SOLLOG and his famous Prophecies, let me get you up to speed. You may read the 902 Prophecy and say wow lots of misses. But that’s WRONG since every event you read in the Prophecy has indeed happened exactly as THE PROPHET WROTE IT almost 20 years ago.

Example, he wrote on 9/02/1997 the Pope of Satan would be dead the next month.

HE DIED it was Anton Lavey the POPE OF SATAN who died the next month when his heart exploded. Anton LaVey had his heart explode on October 29th 1997 and that was 13 days after the FULL MOON of October 16th 1997 the exact date given in the 902 Prophecy for the death of THE POPE who was the PUPPET OF SATAN (LaVey).

Yet some low IQ humans that read the 902 Prophecy see Pope John Paul II in the Prophecy and don’t realize HE DIED exactly as the 902 Prophecy warned 7 years later. Pope John Paul II died 4/2/2005 or 7 years after the 902 Prophecy was written. Now the 92nd day of the year 2005 when John Paul II died was  4/2. So the number of the day was the 92nd day and it was the main title of the Prophecy. 902 Prophecy just remove the 0 and bingo 92 appears.

Then you have the DEATH OF CLINTON in the 902 Prophecy. Now the 902 Prophecy was written before the Monica Lewinsky event even started. One year after the 902 Prophecy was written President Bill Clinton DIED IN OFFICE. You see MORON, he was IMPEACHED by the House of Congress so that is POLITICAL DEATH.

Yet, cretins disagree and want to argue the 902 Prophecy is bullshit. The only BULLSHIT is any human stupid enough to not recognize the 902 Prophecy as the Greatest Prophecy ever written. Just slit your throat or slit your wrist or put a bullet in your head IF you can’t read the 902 Prophecy and marvel at all the prophetic hits it had.

Oh, the man that wrote the 902 Prophecy SIGNED IT. He stated in his signature on the historic Prophecy that he was the GOD OF GODS and LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. So the GOD OF GODS walks the earth JUDGING HUMANITY.

Now if your little PEA BRAIN can’t wrap around the idea that 20 years before the recent terrorism in New York City a PROPHET put the exact details of the event in a Prophecy that has just had a major hit and that same man has written around 60 Prophecies in his career of 20 years of writing Prophecies and all of them have had many LITERAL and ALLEGORICAL HITS that make him the GREATEST PROPHET to ever walk the earth, well if you can’t comprehend that, you need to just exit the planet. Get a razor and slit your wrist or throat since you are a waste of DNA.

The fact is the 902 Prophecy was the latest LITERAL HIT for THE PROPHET and it was on the FULL MOON on 9/16 when the event he warned of TERRORISM, struck in the city he named New York City and every one of those facts are IN THE PROPHECY.

SO FUCK OFF if you want to debate this article cretin. It is not open for debate.


Lately the music of THE PROPHET has been getting MILLIONS OF PLAYS since people are realizing the MAPS IN HIS MUSIC VIDEOS show where future events will occur where lots of people are now dying.





That is how SOLLOG recently described himself in a song called PROPHECY.

Here are the PROPHECY SONGS from his new Album Prophecy and then the video of Prophecy.


SOLLOG wrote Prophecies for 20 years as SOLLOG.

He stopped writing them after 20 years and now his Prophecies are turne]d into MUSIC VIDEOS and he uses the name REX LUCIFERIUS to enlighten the world to his work.

For fans of SOLLOG and REX LUCIFERIUS it’s another HIT for the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD Prophecy since it hit in NEW YORK CITY one of the major cities on that Pentagram.

The 902 Prophecy has already been written about by many and this recent event just cements its place in HISTORY as one of the Greatest Prophecies ever written by THE GREATEST PROPHET to ever walk the earth.

His name is SOLLOG and when he sings he uses the name REX LUCIFERIUS.

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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

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