Oregon Campus Shootings on TIP of PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD


Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

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Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood


While MORONS are running around the media shouting GUN CONTROL (yeah Barack that’s YOU too) the fact that yet another major MASS MURDER has hit the world famous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD is now a reality.

The Oregon Campus shootings and mass deaths event took place on the tip of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD that terminates near SALEM Oregon close to the community college where so many just died.

The fact is over 20 years ago this phenomena about the locations where future mass murders would occur and form a Pentagram was written about by SOLLOG . In 1995 he warned in a US Federal court document that the SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT would strike OVER AND OVER in the USA, and pretty much every mass school shooting in the USA or any type of MASS SHOOTING has hit the LINES OF SOLLOG.

Sollog explained in his legal action against the US government for arresting him over his world famous prophecies, that have the media and his fans calling him the New Nostradamus, that these lines of death would be struck over and over to bring attention to his demands that humans terminate all nuclear power plants and weapons. Many years ago Sollog drew on a map of the USA the five star symbol that forms the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and he featured it in numerous YouTube videos years ago. Every major mass death event in the USA has struck on these Sollog death lines.

Plane crashes, hurricanes and even the Great Haiti quake as well as major acts of terrorism such as 911 and the Oklahoma City Bombing all struck in the famous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

The video above that was released many years ago about the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD shows that one of the tips of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD terminates near where the Oregon Campus Shootings just struck.

So is a higher intelligence manipulating humans like the Oregon shooter to point to Sollog’s get rid of nukes message? Many believe the shooters in these events have been manipulated to strike with surgical precision where Sollog clearly warned over 20 years ago in his famous US Federal court case against the US government over nukes.

SOLLOG says these lines are all also connected to SOLSTICE LINES the energy lay lines that create planetary energy that modern science is totally ignorant of and the same energy lines that ancient monuments around the world including all pyramids are aligned to.

You can just get out a map and start charting all the mass death events in the USA the past 20 years, not just school or college shootings which pretty much all occurred on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD, but other mass loss of life events including hurricanes and tornadoes and plane crashes and even 911 have hit this PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD as well as the Oklahoma City Bombing.

So it’s NOT GUN CONTROL that can stop these deaths, it’s learning about the energy lines that are feeding the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD as well as humans listening to the Sollog warning about nuckear technology that came with his prophecy about these events over 20 years ago.

The ancient ley lines of energy Sollog has revealed that control great earth quakes as well, have been where humans have sacrificed many lives for thousands of years. The Pyramids of Mexico are where one tip of the Pentagram  terminates and human sacrifices have fed that energy line for centuries.

In the 1960’s a great quake killed tens of thousands in Mexico City near the tip of the Pentagram that terminates near the famous pyramids of Mexico. The Great Haiti quake struck near another tip of the Pentagram not long ago.

SOLLOG told us today that the recent shootings in Oregon are only a WARNING that a huge seismic event will soon hit near the Pirtland area and kills many thousands of humans.

So here it is, the official Sollog Warning about how the Oregon Shootings was only a WARNING about a massive seismic event in northwest USA on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. Some who read this survive thanks to Sollog and they form the first wave of humans seeking the Sollog Safe Zones.

Look atcthe map in this article, it shows how Haiti is one tip of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and it had a seismic event that killed over 200,000 humans.

Mexico City is another tip of the Pentagram and it had a historic quake in the 1960’s that killed tens of thousands on another tip of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Now you have the Oregon shootings, which was a blood sacrifice for forces that are saturating the ground of the area near where a soon to occur MAJOR SEISMIC EVENT will take thousands of lives says SOLLOG. If you live in the Portland area FLEE says Sollog.

After the Portland quake occurs, that means three historic killer quakes in heavily populated areas tied to the Sollog Pentagram will have killed many hundreds of thousands and still humanity refuses to heed Sollog’s warning about nuclear technology.

Sollog says 99.9% of humans will soon be exterminated by higher intelligence for failing to follow Sollog’s get rid of nukes warning.

If you don’t relocate by the year 2022 to the three Sollog safe zones in high mountain regions of Canada, Brazil or Northern China Sollog says you will be dead from the asteroid strike that is scheduled to hit earth after 2022. The asteroid strike is  to save the planet from the ignorant beast called man.

99.9% of humanity will soon be dead says Sollog and the three small pockets of humanity that survive are all his followers that moved to the locations he has given to humans for over 20 years in his famous prophecies, so around 6 million will only survive the culling of humanity by higher intelligence over nuclear technology that is literally destroying our planet.

The super rich and the US government have been building deep bunkers in the USA, yet they are all destroyed says Sollog they built bunkers in the wrong locations.

The entire population located in the USA is destroyed as well as that of Europe and Africa. The only survivors will live in three safe zones named by Sollog located in the high mountains in Northern Canada, Northern China and Brazil.

The humans being killed on the lines of the Pentagram of Blood that are connected to Sollog’s get rid of nukes warning were killed so only .1% of humanity gets the Sollog warning and move to the Sollog safe zones. The rest of humanity will be terminated by higher intelligence in the adteroid strije after 2022, due to the use of forbidden nuclear technology by humans on our planet.

Sollog says if higher intelligence didn’t intervene with the asteroid strike mankind would have destroyed all life on this planet.

So if you’re a moron that denies these facts stated above and the image of the Pentagram of Blood doesn’t awaken you, enjoy your last few years on earth. You will be dead soon…





Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

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