Prophecy Album a Historic Moment in Time


Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

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Rex Luciferius Prophecy Album

A Historic Moment in Time

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Prophecy Album Rex Luciferius
Prophecy Album Rex Luciferius

Rex Luciferius PROPHECY Album


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Almost two months ago Rex Luciferius released Cross Roads and that Album contained a few of his Prophecy Songs.

It was quickly recognized by some as the Most Important Album in Music History and the Album put 5 songs onto iTunes TOP 10 Charts for New Releases and the Album has charted three #1 Songs on SoundCloud and since then Rex Luciferius has put over 20 Songs on SoundCloud into the TOP 10 Charts of 5 Genres of Music.

The past 6 weeks the music of Rex Luciferius has been played over 25 Million Times on SoundCloud thanks mostly to the songs being embedded all over Social Media and on some famous Alternative News and Underground Sites.

PROPHECY was officially released yesterday almost a full month ahead of the October 13th release date originally set on the Album.

The Album contains 4 New Tracks and 4 Tracks from the Cross Roads Album, the songs recognized already as Prophecy Songs. New Songs include

Prophecy (Albums Title Track)

California Earthquake Song

The Prophet

Until the End of Time (From GOD Album)

The 4 previously released Prophecy Songs on the Album whose Music Videos have been getting thousands of views on Youtube due to them having maps of future locations of mass death locations for Quakes and Terrorism as well as the Cop Killings in the USA are:

7 Pentagrams (The lines are Global Death Lines)

Pentagram Of Blood Blues (Death lines in USA)

Pentagram of Blood (Original Metal Song)

The End (Future Asteroid Strike)

Perhaps the Greatest Lyrics ever penned for a Love Song are in the new song titled Until the End of Time and that song will be on the future GOD Album of Rex Luciferius set to be released in early 2017. This amazing song explains how GOD created TIME so intelligent beings (Humans) could comprehend how God’s Love is all there is and Time was created so Intelligent Beings could fathom how vast the LOVE of GOD really is.

The song explains how Mountains come go as do stars and even Galaxies but it’s all made up things to measure Time, with GODS LOVE being the driving force of the Universe.

Such a complex concept expressed so clearly as Rex Luciferius does in the song, makes this Album ‘GREAT’, but when you realize the Album has real Prophecy Songs that have already been making direct hits in predicting where future earthquakes have occurred and where many major loss of life events such as terrorism has occurred, then the totality of what Rex Luciferius means to THE HISTORY OF MUSIC can be fully understood to those with an IQ high enough to get the lyrics and music videos of THE PROPHET of Rock & Country.

Every song was written by Rex Luciferius as well as the music. Every video was produced by Rex Luciferius as well. His voice is one of the deepest to ever sing a Rock or Country song. Some may argue as to how great his voice is, but the depth of the lyrics and the importance of them being Prophecy Songs cannot be debated.

So we recognize the PROPHECY ALBUM as the Greatest Album in Music History.

Songs from Prophecy Album


California Earthquake Song

7 Pentagrams

Pentagram Of Blood Blues

Pentagram of Blood (Original Metal Song)

The End

The Prophet

Until the End of Time (From GOD Album)

Music Videos from the Prophecy Album



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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

Prophecy - 7 Pentagrams - USA - Europe - Middle East

Videos - Books - FilmsSongs - Luciferius 

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