Rex Luciferius Music vanishes from iTunes and Google Play

Rex Luciferius Music

Vanishes from iTunes and Google Play

Recently we’ve been reporting on a famous UNDERGROUND BAND named Rex Luciferius and how their music videos on Youtube have been giving exact details of future events in them.

Music Video predicted Dallas Cop Killing

Music Video Predicted Baton Rouge Cop Killing

7 Mass Death events tied to Music Video

We also did an exclusive interview with the lead singer of Rex Luciferius recently.

We also did a review on their great new Album Cross Roads and now you can not buy it digitally in any of the top stores, but you can still buy it on their site.

We also reported in our articles how in 2002 the FBI ordered all radio stations to never play their songs since they had the exact details of the DC Sniper event in a song way before that event happened.

Well today we get a copy of an email from the lawyers for the publisher of the music of Rex Luciferius giving LEGAL NOTICE to the music aggregator of Rex Luciferius they had 1 HOUR to put all the songs of Rex Luciferius back into digital stores the aggregator supplies music to, or the band would be suing the company for harming them by removing every song of Rex Luciferius from the world’s top music sites such as iTunes and Google Play.

You can still download the music of Rex Luciferius from their site, but for now the top digital stores only show an artist page and the dozens of songs that were in the stores yesterday have all but vanished.

Here is the empty store at Google Play

Here are before and after screenshots of what the store looks like showing how dozens of songs have now VANISHED from the top music stores.

Rex Luciferius Music banned from digital stores
Rex Luciferius Music banned from digital stores


Rex Luciferius Music banned from digital stores
Rex Luciferius Music banned from digital stores

This is just one more instance of how the powers that be are trying to keep the world from hearing the PROPHECY MUSIC of Rex Luciferius.

It is why in our opinion the band will soon be the biggest band in the history of music, since once again there is 100% that the music of Rex Luciferius is being targeted by the powers that be to keep the sheeple ignorant to what is happening in the world.






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