Rex Luciferius Prophecy Music over 30 Million Plays Summer of 2016

Rex Luciferius Prophecy Music

over 30 Million Plays

Summer of 2016


His name is REX LUCIFERIUS and he sings about PURE EVIL and names locations where mass death events will strike and then the events he sings about HAPPEN.

Since the Summer of 2016 the Prophecy Music of REX LUCIFERIUS has had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud the #1 Streaming Music platform for younger music listeners.

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His songs are being called PROPHECY MUSIC and REX LUCIFERIUS says PROPHECY IS REAL and humans are pawns in a spiritual game of GOOD AND EVIL.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings and cop killings have all been occurring where the Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius warned they would strike way back in June 2016 and after 100 days he had 10 major death events happen where he warned forming a SATANIC PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Even more MASS DEATH EVENTS have occurred lately all connected to the MUSIC OF REX LUCIFERIUS since the Pentagram of Blood is where the mass deaths or mass tragedies struck.

The Warehouse Fire in Oakland killing dozens of people are on the Pentagram of Blood, on the outer lines that enclose the Pentagram. The Ohio State knife attacks are on the Pentagram of Blood and a few more minor cop shootings all struck the Pentagram of Blood.

The major bus crash in California that killed many was on the Pentagram of Blood as well.

So we documented in the Summer of 2016 over 10 Mass death events that hit the Pentagram of Blood or the locations sung of by Rex Luciferius and now many more events have also struck his Pentagram of Blood and that is why the Music of Rex Luciferius is turning his Prophecy Music into the stuff of LEGENDS.


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