Rex Luciferius takes control of SoundClouds TOP CHARTS

Rex Luciferius takes control

SoundClouds Top Charts

A few rappers have done it in the past, used the charts of SoundCloud to then cross over into mainstream music and iTunes and other digital music services.

Now the TOP CHARTS at SoundCloud have been taken over by Rex Luciferius a band that is creating a whole new genre of music, that being PROPHECY MUSIC.

We recently reported on Rex Luciferius numerous times due to how the band released a few Youtube Music videos and they had details about future major loss of life events in the videos and lyrics.

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Currently Rex Luciferius has 20 songs in the fast changing Top 30 Charts of SoundCloud in 5 different genres, a feat that is almost unheard of.

SoundCloud is a FREE MUSIC service that has many top artists on it and Drake took his first charts on the music service.

Kayne West also has dominated charts in the past.

While rap is still king on SoundCloud, the charts dominated by Rex Luciferius have been Country, Alternative, Metal, Rock and Blues.

The band had the #1 Metal song a cover of Mother by Danzig and also the #4 Metal spot an original political song titles TRUMP BLOWS.

They have 4 songs in the TOP 10 of Country and 5 more in the 7op 15 of Country. They have 7 songs in the Top 30 of Alternative and they have a top 10 blues song the title song to their new album Cross Roads. They also have a Top 15 Song a cover of the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil.

When the band released Cross Roads a couple of weeks ago they took 5 of the top 10 spots on iTunes for New Releases.

Expect Rex Luciferius to continue to be a force in Country Blues and Rock Blues due to they are a featured band now on the hot new Free Music App from 1 eMusic.





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