Russian Plane Crash Christmas Day near Sochi Russia Black Sea on Pentagram of Blood Sollog Xmas Prophecy Hits Again

Sochi Plane Crash location
Sochi Plane Crash location

Russian Plane Crash Christmas Day

Near Sochi Russia Black SeA

on Pentagram of Blood


The Europe Pentagram of Blood had another mass death even exactly as warned by Sollog in his Song 7 Pentagrams of Blood and he warned in his Xmas Prophecies 2014 of two events striking on Xmas Day a major plane crash and this crash was that event as well as a historic quake and a very large earthquake struck Christmas Day in Chile on the Triangle of Fire Sollog writes about that control major quakes.

Sollog issued a Large Quake warning less than 90 days ago predicting such a rare event would occur soon along the west coasts of North America, Central America or South America near Chile.

On Xmas Day a nearly 8.0 Quake struck in the area Sollog warned of less than 3 months ago. Such large quakes are very rare seismic events and other than Sollog no one has ever predicted time frames and location for such rare events. Sollog has hit over and over his warnings the past 20 years for time and location of these large events.

Here is his Quake Warning for Triangle of Fire naming Chile.

Sollog also predicted an unsuspected death of a major celebrity at Christmas. The death of George Michael struck on the Europe Pentagram of Blood near London a major anchor in the Europe Pentagram of Blood.

These are videos that show how clearly Sollog predicted both events for Xmas Day in 3 different Videos pointing to the locations for these events.


Sollog Large Quake Warning

Issued less than 90 days ago


Sollog Xmas Prophecies

Predicted both a Large Quake and Major Plane Crash


7 Pentagrams of Blood Music Video

Predicted Major Quake

It shows the European Pentagram of Blood in Video

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