San Bernardino Terrorism on Pentagram of Blood

San Bernardino Terrorism

On Pentagram of Blood

We can hear the jeers of the fucked up skeptics now that the San Bernardino Terrorism was not one 1 of the 5 ley lines that makes up the Pentagram of Blood.

Well assholes, every good Satanic Pentagram has a circle or even a Pentagram to ENCLOSE IT.

When you enclose the 5 main ley lines, the arc or line goes right through the San Andreas fault area of the West Coast of the United States and runs through San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other West Coast cities including Seattle.

Here is a map showing the arc of a circle around the Pentagram of Blood going through the West Coast area that includes San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Seattle.

The line from Portland to the Pyramids near Mexico City runs right through the San Bernardino area.

So the whole West Coast is connected to the Pentagram of Blood due to the arc of the circle around it and the lines that enclose it also connect to many major urban cities just inside the West Coast coastline.

San Bernardino Pentagram of Blood
San Bernardino Pentagram of Blood


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