Satanic Rock Band Video Predicted Dallas Police Shootings

Rex Luciferius Music Video

Predicted Dallas Police Sniper Killings

In 2002 the FBI banned DJ’s in the USA from playing music by Rex Lucierius. The reason their song Virgin Mary Sacrifices was about a SNIPER killing in the DC area that made a Pentagram with the killings.

When the DC sniper struck it was clear to fans of Rex Luciferius the DC Sniper was killing in a pattern they described.

9 days before the Dallas Sniper cop killings occured the newest music video by Rex Luciferius revealed that DALLAS and the number 9 was connected to a future mass death event.

Over and over 9 appears in the video and a map featuring the JFK assassination was displayed over and over. The number 9 appears 5 times the map 4 times. Thats 5+4=9.

9 days after the video was released the sniper shootings occured in Dallas.

9 days after the video was released to Youtube the Dallas Sniper shootings occured killing 5 cops.

The lyrics of the song were posted on the video page and it says to connect the shootings to the map in their video titled Pentagram of Blood.

Here is the video watch it and see how 9 appears over and over and how the map which featured Dallas and the JFK assassination appear over and over.

Can it be Rex Luciferius has used another song to predict a major sniper shooting?

Rex Luciferius was featured in a documentary about how the band is a LEGEND in the world of dark metal and satanic rock.

The Dallas Sniper has once again validated Rex Luciferius as the only band to put the future in a song.





Pentagram of Blood

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