State Department Issues TERROR ALERT Hours AFTER Sollog Issued His

Sollog Warns of Terrorism

State Department Issues ALERT

Early yesterday morning we got a new TERRORISM PROPHECY from the quill of Sollog listing cities all over the world where Terrorism will strike.  Sollog nailed the dates and locations of the recent Paris Terrorism and the crash of Metrojet 9268. Hours after the Sollog Terrorism Prophecy went public the US State Department issued a GLOBAL TERRORISM ALERT.

Sollog is one of the most investigated persons in the history of intelligence agencies such as the NSA and FBI.

The reason is Sollog nailed many other events including 911 and the great quake of the 2004 Tsunami and the 2011 N Japan Quake that caused the disaster at Fukushima.

The Sollog Terrorism Prophecy warns of travel by planes and trains and to stay away from all large public gatherings including stadiums and shopping areas.

Sollog refers to his famous Pentagrams of Blood and lists 7 major cities in each blood pentagram he says are locations where large loss of life events will be occurring.

The famous Sollog 113 Prophecy nailed dates for many acts of terrorism and huge killer quakes.

The 113 Prophecy predicted the recent Paris Terrorism.

The 113 Prophecy predicted the Russian Plane Crash of Metrojet 9268.

The 113 Prophecy predicted the 2011 North Japan Quake that caused Fukushima.

The Sollog Terrorism Prophecy lists all 7 continents and it gives 7 cities in each continent as targets.

Sollog Terrorism Prophecy mentions the 7 Pentagrams Of Blood of Sollog that are located around the world on all 7 continents. It mentions the famous Sollog Solstice Lines and specific acts of terrorism including attacks on stadiums and all public events including parades.





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