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Todd Clem aka Bubba Clem

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10 Tragedies Past 100 Days as THE PROPHET WARNED

Hurricane Matthew strikes Haiti as THE PROPHET WARNED

By D. E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

Todd Clem aka Bubba Clem is known to the low IQ mental minions that follow his Shock Jock show as Bubba the Love Sponge. Recently Todd Clem has been attacking the music of the man they call THE PROPHET OF ROCK and COUNTRY via his Twitter account. We have done over a dozen news stories this summer as we watched THE PROPHET emerge as a major figure in the world of music with over 30 Million Plays on just SoundCloud. His songs have incredibly been predicting exact locations where historic tragedies then occurred and hence the name THE PROPHET.

Bubba the Love Sponge Rex Luciferius Quote

Clem is like Howard Stern, a shock jock where music is not really played much. His fans, which he has been accused of PAYING to even listen to his banal rantings, are the type that find the sophomoric gutter talk of  Bubba’s and Stern’s of the world entertaining.

Todd Clem is known to some outside his ‘army of fans’ for his many brushes with the law and courts. He is a morally bankrupt person since in one case he was sued by Hulk Hogan for videoing the Hulkster without his permission while the Hulk had sex with the wife of Todd Clem who then had it released to Gawker.

It appears ‘Bubba’ is the type of man that enjoys seeing his ‘wife’ have sex with people other than themselves. To some that is ‘normal’, yet to the masses it is sick and immoral behavior and the proof of a sick demented mind or a person who is morally bankrupt as I said. Here is the morbidly obese shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge.

Bubba the Love Sponge
Bubba the Love Sponge

Todd Clem was recently sued by Nielsen Ratings company for tampering with their ratings systems by paying people to listen to his radio show. With streaming music and such and instant news from the net, Clem is part of the old world of print and radio media that has become irrelevant in today’s modern internet world.

The newest music of THE PROPHET was released to SoundCloud the top streaming music platform for people under 25 in the world and his songs that predict the future. as our many news articles this summer documented. have amassed over 30 Million Plays with no help from radio stations and other irrelevant old world media outlets such as print media or TV etc.

See 10 Tragedies Past 100 Days as THE PROPHET WARNED for a good start on the Rex Luciferius phenomena.

Here is PROOF that THE PROPHET warned of a Hurricane striking Haiti this summer 100 days before it happened in a Youtube Music Video.

The fact is the music industry is being turned upside down as income from radio shows dries up due to NO ONE IS LISTENING TO RADIO and sales from sources such as iTunes are drying up as people are now listening to FREE MUSIC via streams and SoundCloud is the top Free Music Streaming service for listeners under 25 in the world.

This summer THE PROPHET used the power of a huge network of Alternative and Underground websites he created to embed his songs and take over the charts on SoundCloud due to the mega millions of plays his network created through embeds on famous alternative and underground sites that have gained a global following around the world.

Bubba the Love Sponge recently started to attack the music of THE PROPHET of Rock and Country aka Rex Luciferius had his agent Rich Bentley tell his producer to FUCK OFF when they begged to have Rex Luciferius on their radio show that was sued for FAKE LISTENERS by Nielsen.

Rex Luciferius who is quickly becoming a major force in the music industry due to his Prophecy Songs predicting where recent tragic events have been occurring over and over (see our links to many Luciferius news stories below) that are all connected to what has become known as The Pentagram of Blood.

The fact is the music of THE PROPHET and his Prophecy Songs have made him one of the most listened to bands in the world this summer with over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud alone. All done with no help from radio stations and shock stocks and no use of traditional media as well. The fact is Rex Luciferius is a world famous figure under several names such SOLLOG and he has created a massive alternative media network on the net and he can now use it to crush download figures on SoundCloud with embeds.

 The fact is this summer Rex Luciferius proved that when he sings the Ground Shakes where and when he says and the Winds Blow where and when he says.

The message of THE PROPHET is moving millions of minds around the world as have the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG been moving minds for over 20 years. His Prophecies have amazed his fans all over the world, but they were released under his religious name SOLLOG. Now he is releasing his Prophecies as Prophecy Songs and that is done under Rex Luciferius.

Rex Luciferius is a world famous academic with laws of math, physics, computer science and astrophysics named after him under his Academic name Dr. Sol Adoni.

This summer we have been reporting on all the hits his song Pentagram of Blood has racked up in the USA alone. He sang about Cop Killings, Terrorism, Mass Shootings, Natural Disasters including Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods. He sang about plane and train crashes as well as famous celebrity deaths. His song warned THE LINES OF THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD would be where the events occur. Sure enough 11 Tragedies he sung about in his song hit the LINES OF THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Here are the main articles we’ve written about THE PROPHET this summer as we reported on the historic appearance of the man the world is now calling THE PROPHET . We are also linking to older articles about SOLLOG the name he has used for over 20 years to reveal his PROPHECIES to the world.

I reached out to Rex Luciferius for this article and he didn’t have much to say, his music stands on its own merit he said, it is destined to become the most listened to music in the world as people find out his words predict the future. The message of his songs about the future is why he is soon the most historic figure in not only music but history, HE IS A REAL LIVING PROPHET.

Rex Luciferius trashed both Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Clem as well as Howard Stern and another Tampa Bay reporter named Howard Altman in our conversation. The Tampa Bay reporter was who reported on the SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius famous 902 Prophecy released on 9/11/1998 almost 20 years ago and how it warned of TERRORISM in New York City at the Twin Towers. The Altman article quoted the Stern Show, the White House and Secret Service as well as the Majors Office of Rudy Giuliani in which the Tampa Bay reporter asked Stern, Giuliani and the Secret Service what they thought of the Sollog NYC Terrorism Warning. All 3 mocked Sollog and three years later his words were validated as a PROPHET when 911 struck. The 911 Prophecy of Sollog aka Rex Luciferius has been turned into both a film and book and it resulted in his name SOLLOG being one of the most searched terms after 911 as recorded by Yahoo which was at the time the top search engine in the world. This year terrorism struck again in NYC as the 902 Prophecy warned.

So Giuliani, the White House and Howard Stern all had a specific warning about NYC TERRORISM and the Twin Towers and they ignored it and tried to cover it up.

Now Bubba has become part of the Stern Show and he is now doing what Stern told him to do, ATTACK SOLLOG aka THE PROPHET and that is my opinion as a conspiracy author of dozens of books.

Rex told me that he suggests Bubba starts to tweet about how THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD struck 11 times in 100 Days as THE PROPHET WARNED, since your soul is slated for a long torture in the PIT OF HELL…

10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood
10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood


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Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams of Blood Control Mass Death Events

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